Dec 10,2013

And I am happy dancing!

They finally fixed my car and she runs beautifully. Seems all my problems came from a slightly warped 73 pin connector under the manifold. As a last resort they were going to remove the command start and reinstall. That is when they found the problem.  This little connector controls all the 'comforts' - lights, fan, heating, ac,power windows, mirrors,seats, radio...the list goes on and on.

I was so relieved to hear this because I was starting to think I was the problem, and imagining things.
Thanks to Scott and his team for not giving up and giving my back my ride!

Woo Hoo! 🚘

Dec 6, 2013

This is our reality this morning. It's easy to forget that we are still in autumn, winter has yet to arrive.

My car is still in the shop, almost two weeks now. It is only two years old and has been in and out of the shop almost constantly since September when the electrical issues began.  After changing out the entire wiring harness, ignition switch and a few other things including the remote starter, they are now waiting for a small inconspicuous condenser coil of some sort. They think that may be the cause of all my trouble which included headlights, interior fan and remote starter not working. Thank goodness for warranty coverage.

With this Arctuc High cold snap, our other truck has froze overnight despite being plugged in. So I either stay home today or bundle up and walk.  I think I'll stay inside and get some stuff done.  I heard Christmas is arriving Dec 25 and I haven't started decorating or baking. Ah, why rush...I'll make a cup of hot tea and do some cross stitching or read a book!

Stay warm friends!

November 7,2013

Joe and I have a mental bucket list of performers we would like to see if we ever had the opportunity. It it comprised of those who don't usually tour or those whose shows are epic.  When Cher announced her new album and tour and we learned she was coming to our neck of the woods, we jumped on it.
On top of getting two tickets we also got the chance of receiving two copies of her cd Closer to the Truth. Our copy arrived yesterday. I hope Heather's arrives soon too. Who doesn't like happy mail?

The winter part of autumn has arrived

I'm so glad I have lots of fun things to do inside over the next few months. I do have to make an effort to get outside and enjoy the fresh air when I can, even if it's just a walk around the neighbourhood.

Today I am making the binding and label for yesterday's quilt project. Some hate this part of the process but not me. I love seeing it all come together in its glory.  Thank goodness I'm not the type to decide to keep them all!  I have kept my very first quilt with all it's flaws. It is still one of my favorite piecing styles, a Bargello.

Enjoy whatever the day may bring you!