18 til I die!

What a concert!
The best we have seen anywhere to date. Awesome seats, great opening act...Daniel Powter...he spent 2 years living in Edmonton so I'm assuming he's a Base kid like so many others. He is an up and coming artist to watch. His voice and stage presence rivals many veteran performers and he's just getting started!
Bryan came out hard and loud, just the way we wanted it...no working up to a frenzy! He played all my favorites and a couple new tunes. He brought a very enthusiastic young woman up from the audience to sing Mel C's part on When You're Gone...the sold out crowd of 12,000 went crazy. She did an awesome job of singing harmony.
After almost 2 hours of this craziness, Bryan and the band came back for an encore of 4 more songs and left stage again. The crowd went wild, the noise was incredible. Finally Bryan came back on stage and it was just him & his 6 string guitar for 50 more minutes UNPLUGGED! And, just to give his security a real scare, he went out into the crowd for an up close and personal touch. What a bonus, it was like 3 concerts in one!
We would definitely recommend his concerts to anyone & everyone! We have seen the best!

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