Alone again for a few days!

Joe left for a quick run up north to check with some of his clients and staff. You would think he's going to a much longer time...he took his shace kit & meds, some clothes, not a lot but I made him take enough underwear for daily changes!!!!DUH! And he needed his own comforter and his own pillow from home. But get's much colder up north but it wasn't until he was walking to the truck that he agreed to take a winter coat!'s January in Canada! Geesh! Men, what do you do with them and what do you do without!
Joanne & I hit the gym again this morning. It was a good workout. Then shortly after noon I get the call...she needs some fresh air, do I want to go for a walk? Well we headed out to the park in hour later we finally found the vehicle! We got turned around while chatting and chasing after Kizmit! At one point we crossed over the frozen lake...neither one of us can swim but we figured it would be OK as there was a guy ice fishing. I was glad to get home and just sit.
Tonight will be so restful...I get the bed and all the blankets to myself....Sleep tight Joe!


Lesley said...

With how often you go to Curves with Jo, you'd think you would be winning the contest hands down! I'm sure it won't be long before you start to see some major results.

Lucie said...

OK, I've got some catching up to do. Still haven't been to he gym, but have lost a little by watching what I eat. I will probably be going to the Progress Club in St. John's in mid-September and will want to wear the new dresses I bought when you joined me in my shopping spree in St. Albert. That means losing a minimum of 40 lbs. Can she do it!!!??