Joe, Joe who?

It's been a strange week, what with Joe's new postion as Large Camp Co-ordinator. He jumped into this postion in mid-stream, things are going at warp speed. Joe's had to get re-acquainted with client & employee lists, camp needs etc and trouble shoot all at the same time. He's out of the house a good 12 hours and gets home dragging his sorry self. I really can't complain though, he's home at night, not half way across the world! Tomorrow is Saturday, so get rested Joe we have some catching up to do! Motorcycle show, brunch, Bryan Adams concert, dinner out...and perhaps some grocery shopping!!! All Joe will register out of this is the Motorcycle show...he's wanting to kick tires AGAIN!


Blog U Say!!! said...

WOW! Now that sounds like a fun filled day. I wish I was there because all of my favorite things were mentioned Motorbikes, Rock and Roll concert and Food. Surely can't go wrong with that combination.

Have a great weekend.


Alberta said...

Anytime Henry, come on down and we'll show you a great time and feed you as well! Don't forget to bring all your lovely ladies with you!