That was more painful than it should have been!

I am referring to the addition of family blogs on the sidebar. Lesley...after the hectic day that she had with the kids, appointments, voting and a Nickelback concert...she sat down and sent me almost idiot proof instructions! Thank you! Now I can move onto something more challenging, like taxes! The font is not the same, but hey, I now have some links.
Joe came home with his head held high and stomach pulled in...someone at work...a young female...commented on how good he smells and looks when he goes into the office. What started this was she was shocked to see how young Joe looks without the gray goatee...yes he shaved it off! But now he's growing hair...but will keep it at a number 1 or 2. I guess there are some folks who don't take any care in their that is just WRONG on all counts! YUCK! Previously it had been noted that Joe doesn't wear torn jeans and beer t-shirts on casual Fridays like some of the guys. Joe's idea of casual Friday is a nice cordury shirt and a more casual trousers. His play jeans are for playing...on the weekend!


Jennifer said...

Bravo with the links. I wouldn't even attempt.

Alberta said...

Jen...Les said that your template is easy to add links. Where it says edit templates mode, you just add the addresses...if that makes sense to you! Thanks for popping my my blog!

Lesley said...

I think I prefer Dad with the shaved head and goatee (grecian'd of course for the more youthful look)
I give it a month with hair and he'll go back to bald!
Glad to see you figured out the wasn't that hard was it?