What would you do?

I was spending a lazy Saturday morning, surfing the web. I found a great site of historical photos of my home town where I grew up. I'm hoping some of the pictures will look familiar to my Dad. Then I found something that was of real interest to me.
My hometown of Manitouwadge is giving away a free HOUSE!!!!
BUT...you have to go into town to enter the contest which closes 12 August. Well doesn't that all fall into place...our road trip for Henry & April's wedding....maybe we will offset our expenses by winning a house. Not sure what the catch is...probably you have to move and live in the house a certain length of time before selling...but just think of the possibilities! Joe is all excited because of the hunting & fishing in the area. Only real down side...farther away from the kids and grandkids. Oh well...I can dream can't I?

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