YIKES! I was doing so well

I had the 70's tunes on the stereo, the drop cloths down...painting our bedroom from a cool almost institutional green grey to a warm antigue gold/yellow...well the phone rang and I turned around, not thinking...and there it was...a huge gold splat on the white ceiling!

What to do first...try and wipe it off and reduce the damage done or answer the phone????

I somehow managed to get out of that situation and yes, I managed to fix my oops! It always pays to have a little baby food jar of leftover white ceiling paint! No one will ever be the wiser!


Lesley said...

I'm sure that's a minor oops compared to Monica's painted driveway. (sorry Monica but I still chuckle about it). I don't think we've ever had a paint mis-hap, Aaron's so anal about that sort of thing that it's better for me to go away with the boys until it's over...and if there was a mis-hap I doubt he'd tell us.

Jen said...

I wish that were the case in my house. Paul is the worst painter in the history of mankind. He just slaps it on and it goes everywhere. He always has to do a ton of touch ups after.

For example, he painted our bedroom brown and got it all over the white trim and ceiling, etc. Then he did "touch ups" and got white all over the brown. Now he has to touch up the brown. Honestly, he just doesn't get it that he is making more work for himself. He painted the hall and got it all over the ceiling, so I was like, honey..we have to paint the hall ceiling soon cause I am tired of looking at the mess. He's saying the ceilings are too high in the stairwell to reach them to paint without getting it all over the walls and we can't just paint the hall ceiling and not continue it down the stairs or it will look bad. Hello!!! Like streaks of green on the white ceiling doesn't already look bad?? Sometimes I wonder about that boy. It's a good thing I love him.