I'm really not ignoring everyone!

I am having a new adventure with my computer...I think it is winning! It is all my fault for wanting something better but not wanting to open my ourse! STOP LAUGHING GIRLS!!!! You know I squeak when I walk, just like my Dad...the Scottish line runs deep! I think in the next day or so, I will do some serious pondering and comparision shopping and perhaps get into this century! Oh...guess who!


Lesley said...

Alright Mom, is that your one and only baby pic? I thought that was going to be your profile shot?
And I think you meant purse instead of ourse...just teasing you...have a great weekend!
Joey's looking to upgrade his bedroom computer if you decide to upgrade.

Betty said...

Hi Berta
Amanda sent Joe an email with some questions for him to answer but didn`t get any answer back.she needs to have her project done by the end of the week so she was wondering if she could maybe call you and get some info from you?All she needs is you phone number.