In the dungeon today

For those not in the know...that's my basement computer area...I just hate the wallpaper over raw drywall and the fake wood depressing is that?

Well I'm tending to this week's bills etc...mostly Dad's, then I'm off to the city to do Dad's banking and after lunch...I'm cranking up the tunes and getting at it.
I will try and get a few before pics as this progresses.

A quick and some what public thank you to Henry. I recently upgraded my computer system and it almost came to a stand still. At first I thought I had a dual boot. Henry asked about anti-virus/ anti spyware...and Yes it seems I had a second firewall running. The second came from the upgrade...a quick disable and things are running much smoother.

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Lesley said...

You just can't sit around idly for long can you Mom? The bar room was just completed in December so you jumped right into re-painting your boudoir and now that you've finished that you're wasting no time at all in stripping the computer room wallpaper...I must take after you then.
But when the computer room is finished I think your house is done, so then what will you do?