Long johns rule!

I wasn't lucky enough to get lined jeans for the holidays but I did get a great pair of lj's...came in very handy yesterday and today. It was -31.9'C @ 6 am...a good day to go back to bed and read! But I didn't.
I finally able to start setting up the new office area, or at least the part that is almost finished. My phone lines are still dangling along the floor. I don't know where all this junk came from...well I do...it's MY JUNK! I'll have lots of time to sort, purge and shred next week when the Big Guy is back on the road, unless Joanne wants to start her painting project. She's been in her house ~ 20 years and has decided to paint her living/dining room. Oh, did I mention cathedral ceilings and she has a wood ceiling, not so forgiving! She picked out a green, I hope it's a grey green because her kitchen is a rich terra cotta! From builder's beige to WOW! Hey, life is too short NOT to play with all the colours in the crayon box!


Lesley said...

Don't forget about Aaron's extendable painting thingy. Would have helped you too but we forgot to mention it. Oops!

Jen said...

Hey, how did you change the colors of your font?