Things come in 3's

I was so focused on sports this past weekend...Olympics and Scott's tourney I didn't hear about the 3 celebs we lost. Darrin McGavin, Don Knotts and Dennis Weaver. I grew up with Don Knotts, either as Barney Fife,Mr. Fulrey,or in the Apple Dumpling Gang movies with Tim Conway.
We almost got a photo of Dennis Weaver the year he was the parade marshall for the Calgary Stampede. My parents were out west for this occassion, from Newcastle. We went downtown and enjoyed the parade, then we drove to the LRT station to catch a ride to the exhibition grounds. Well didn't we leave the camera in the car. And who should get on our car at the next stop, but Dennis Weaver! He was very nice, sat down beside Dad and chatted until our stop.
Great memories even without the camera.

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