Who pulled the plug?

For the second day in a row, I've lost my electricity for ~ 90 minutes or so. Tonight it happened right when I was starting my supper. I was not impressed...what should have been a quick meal before I got back to Mudding 101 turned into an epic. Beans and weiners shouldn't take that long to cook. Now I don't have the interest or energy to get back to work. Not after re-setting all those digital clocks!
So goodnight, I'm going to bed to read! Goodnight Willie! Come on Cody...beddy bye time!


Lesley said...

Take the rest of the night off! Put your feet up, light some candles in case the power goes and enjoy the quiet...I forget how precious that really is!

Heather and Jeff (and baby Jonathan) said...

Nice pic of Cody-monster...nighty night


Jen said...

Look at the cuttie! What a cute pic!