Fair play in love & GOTCHA's!

Now here is a cute rendition of a clown...you should notice that the artist likes to use all the colours in the crayon box and for that extra touch...a sticker on the hat!
I do think the arms are on incorrectly, but this is the way I got it.
I wonder if I could make a few bucks on EBay with this masterpiece...or should I tuck it away for a few more years...it could may very be the next great Shrine Circus poster!
Can you name the artist?


Lesley said...

Paybacks a bitch isn't it?

Blog U Say!!! said...

I'm not sure about how boy's do it but I know stickers are always used for the finishing touches in my house.

Henry :~)

Joe & 'Berta said...

Lesley loved stickers more than Heather. I know think Joey & Alex have discovered them yet...but that may soon change!