Martha Stewart or Lisa Douglas?!

I've been busy planting my seed trays for my upcoming garden. No pressure, just stuff for me, Heather Lee & Lesley! Strange how they can all start at the same place, but the environment makes a huge difference in the final performance.

I don't quite understand seed pricing...some packs are sold by weight and others by eaches - usually 25. The first pic is snapdragons, and the second is lavender. I guess the smaller the more expensive. In that case I thank Debra for that envelope full of poppy seeds! It must be worth a fortune. I just hope that I have a few of the yellow plants grow - they were my favorite the last time we were at the cottage.


Jen, Paul & Daisy said...

Oh, I am sooo envious! I miss my garden so much! Our yard needs so much work right now, it makes me tired just thinking about it.

Have fun planting! There is nothing like seeing the first sprouts of the year.

Anne said...

I don't know where you get all the energy, but, please send some my way. I need to start my seeds, so I better do that this weekend. We have had beautiful weather this past week and a very mild winter. I noticed that three of my daffodils were in bloom when I went home yesterday. My tulips are up about 6 inches already. They are usually all in bloom before Mothers Day. I also have to decide what I want to put in my veggie garden and get those started also. I haven't done much gardening since the accident in September 04. I just give Derek orders and he does it. I guess someone has to be the boss.