He's finally gone to work!

Joe doesn't do well without meaningful employment. He mopes around the house, half asleep, low or no energy. But today is his first day in the office! Joe was so pumped up about the prospect, he decided to start talking to me at 4:15 this morning! Go to sleep, it's not Christmas morning yet!
Have fun, play nice with the others and for heaven's sake, don't volunteer!

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Jen said...

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree. Dad used to work, every day, Christmas, New Years, Weekends, I mean EVERY day! The only time he came home early was if the weather got really bad, which was about 3 times a year. Oh, and after his heart attack, he cut his hours back to only 30-40 a week. Crazy nut.

He just loved to work! That was what made him happy. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy my job, but if I won the millions tomorrow I would quit tomorrow + 30 seconds later.