It's one of those days!

I got 'the call' from Joe just as I was laying down for a nap...instead I'm driving into the city to pick him up.
I arrive at work only to find someone strange to me inside the compound, playing under the hood of a 4x4. Hello for locking the doors. joe showed up shortly, all muddy and bed raggled! I'm so glad he didn't park that thing in our driveway!
Got home ~ 1am, I cut Joe's Q-Tip hair...he has a big meeting today...and he went for a shower while I just went to bed! I so don't want to be up, but here I am, what more do you want?! Now that's SASS!


Lesley said...

You could have phoned to chat with Alex he was up and down all night again! You'd think by 2 1/2 he'd have it figured out that sleep is not a punishment, it's a good thing!

Joe & 'Berta said... you mean you don't have our picture next to the speed dial number????? Would that be a scary thought or what? You know how much I like my sleep!

Manda said...

Hi,.. I just wanted to let you know i finally made a blog,. its not much not but maybe eventually it will be,..Hope to hear from you

Blog U Say!!! said...

OK So it isnt only Madison. She is at the 2 1/2 age too and she will wake up in the middle of the night and play. She doesnt get that it isnt play time and is still sleep time. I know that I for one will be happy when she learns how to sleep through the whole night. :~)