Name the year!

About a month ago, I received an email from Steven with these pictures. He mainly sent them because there were 2 photos of my Mom and Dad, same setting.
It was obviously chicken round up time, these ones had lost the battle. Looks like all sinks were being used, even the bathroom.
All in all I don't see great changes in either Cheryl & Paul (nice hat), maybe a little greyer but that's all!
Hmmmm...chicken dinner!


Lesley said...

That's hilarious! Do you still have the picture with Edmund and the black hood?

New MrsIngram said...

You know I never ate chicken pieces for a very long time because of those chicken round-up days!

Let's not even get started on how many times I came home from school or something and there was a moose in the tub .. and I don't mean the nice chocolatey kind!

MelComeau said...

I still remember being a kid watching people kill those chickens! I thought I was going to be sick......That's part of the reason I'm a vegetarian today!