Road Trip!

Alex got to meet his great grandfather, Papa Johnston for the first time over the Easter weekend. I'm not sure why this took two and a half years, but it was worth the wait. Dad was quite impressed with the little fellows, even if he couldn't get names out. The smile of his face was quite genuine. Alex was a little shy of this new person, but Joey was all hugs when it was time to leave. He bonzai'd Papa J backinto his chair when he ran across the living room to give hiem a goodbye hug and kiss. Then Joey, being the sauve gentleman that he is, he ran over to a couple of the female residents and gave them a hug also! What great grandsons we have!

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Lucie & Co. said...

I was hoping to get a chance to visit with you and Joe while you were down for a visit, but I guess both of our schedules made that hard to do. 'Berta, I was hoping to discuss Dan Brown's other two books with you. Have you read them yet. I also have the other two Clive Cussler books that form a trilogy with the one you just brought back to me. I think both of you will enjoy them. Let's arrange to get together for brunch the next time you come South.