Splish Splash

Saturday was cold, overcast and quite windy. We still managed some tub time but no-one wanted to get out of the hot water to take pictures! So we did them Sunday morning! What a surprise from Alex...he grew so much he can now stand on the bottom at keep his head above water. With this, comes new confidence! Our other little fish,Joey, was showing us his new swimming moves from class. He really enjoys the water.

I hate to say this but we did discuss briefly the possible need for a larger pool! But I think the boys will get a jungle gym for their backyard first! And I may have to take some swimming lessons just to keep up with the little ones! Now where is my swim boat?


Lesley said...

Could you have picked a more unflattering picture of me to post for all to see?
That's it, I may have to dig out the perm pictures.
Give me a break folks I was sick with a bad cold this weekend!

Joe & 'Berta said...

Dear....I posted what I had...there was no malice intended. Besides, for all your nose blowing and coughing over the weekend, you still look darn good! Love ya Rudolph!