We're showing our age & proud of it!

I just got the heads up on new concert tickets. Randy Bachman & Burton Cummings are coming to Edmonton for a small intimate musical affair at the Jubilee Auditorium June 14. Well now, that's the day after Joe's big 5-0 birthday. I do believe good seats are in order. So with the phones all charged up and the computer ready to roll, I will be busy tomorrow trying for some awesome seats cuz I have the secret code to get advance sales tickets. Now, I wonder if there will be a good deal price wise? If not, that's OK, because Joe is worth every nickel!


Lucie & Co. said...

I've always thought Randy Bachmann was the Gerry Garcia of Canada. Now, there's a dated reference. Any "Dead Heads" out there?

So, the Big Guy's gonna be 50. 'Just goes to show you that these days, 50 is the new 30!

JoeMac said...

Well now,,, We did also get to see Willie Nelson just recently, Now that is someone i have been hunting down for years, he is not getting any younger you know,and with his Red Dash Sneakers..Class Act all the way, and with 50 just around the corner i figure we better Git-R-Done while we can.Bryan Adams was another Classic one we were able to catch just recently... Now BTO and the Guess Who..."Babe, You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet"

Joe & 'Berta said...

Now, how do you wrap up concert tickets????? Yes we have great seats. Now what to wear...tie dyed shirt? The one Joe got from Jeff....and a mullet wig!