Fashion designer - Alex Beck!

I had a predicament on what to wear to Joe's company award dinner. On Saturday, Lesley and Alex went shopping with me while Joseph accompanied his Dad and Papa to the sporting stores. Armed with a loaded debit card and faith that I would find something suitable, we hit Sears. Even though Alex sat in the stroller he managed to tell me that I was trying on car wash pants! Heck, I had never heard to those before and he's chatting a mile a minute about them! Sorry Alex, they didn't suit Nannie, but I agree, the dress with a few soft ruffles did. Thanks Alex & Lesley for all the help. Papa says I will look hot!


Lucie & Co. said...

What, no picture??!
I guess we'll have to wait until the photos of the event itself are shared.

Heather and Jeff (and baby Jonathan) said...

As long asPapa doesn't call you a nilf....haha


Joe & 'Berta said...

Ooooh! I'm not sure how to take that!