I shouldn't feel like this!

Today I just want to curl up under a warm blanket and sleep, or read or watch a movie. I've always said I wanted to watch all the Lord of the Rings trilogy during a snowstorm...have the fire going, pull out the hide a bed and make myself comfy with some snacks...well I didn't think it would be in MAY! It's down right awful out there.
Except for the fact I made a wager with Lesley, I would not have ventured out to Curves. But I went, I worked hard, I feel so much better with myself. I missed quite a bit after I hurt my ankle, but slowly I'll get back into the swing of things.
I really enjoy my new bicycle seat. I wish I had someone close by to bike with...hint hint! They made those seats for men as well....one can always hope.
Is 10 am too early for popcorn and hot chocolate? NAH! See you on the couch!


Brenda said...

We did the Lord of the Rings marathoon at Christmas. spend the day inside with the fire and our comfy pj's and snacks. It was great, espcially on the big screen. It;s great to kill one of those nothing to do days, with the weather that way, it sounds like you may get your chance.

bren said...

Congratulations gramma and grampa!!!
Our Okanagan weather hasn't been much better than yours. there was snow in them thar hills yesterday and I was in shorts and sandals. today wasn't much better.. really cool.....and here I was sitting on the beach on sunday burning my body doing homework :-) go figure.
Love your blog!