Arrival at Jasper Park Lodge

Our trip got off to a very wet start. we were driving down the Yellowhead, when something Joe said sparked a big scare in me! I had thought he said he had packed his pills for the weekend when I realized he had NOT! A quick pull over to the side of the road to discover that indeed he had not BUT there in his shave kit were the 2 pills from the weekend before! So what pills did Joe take that weekend...well he had a secret stash of 2 from who knows we continuted of our way knowing that as soon as we arrive home on Sunday, Joe would have to take his pill.

We didn't see much scenery along the way, what with the wiper blades on full speed. We were greeted by the bell staff at the Jasper Park Lodge and went to check reservation for us! Seems we weren't booked in until the following day! While we were standing around waiting to see if they could squeeze us in, Joe's big boss arrives...he's very confident they will find us accomodation and off he went to get settled. Sure enough we got a very nice room in one of the long lodges half way between the main lodge and the golf house.

After we drove around looking for parking, we parked and dragged our bags to our room. By this time it's about 7 and we are hungry...back to the main lodge where the restaurants are. A quick perusal of the posted menus...lamb kabobs, bison burgers, salmon, cluck, moo or oink for this little girl! And the prices....$34 for the kabobs! Ouch! So we walked back up to the car and head into town. Ahhh Earls! Salad for me and curry for Joe.

We get back to the room, unpack Joe's clothes for his 8am meeting, set the alarm clock and for some unknown reason, Joe put in a wake up call for 6am. Good thing...power went out sometime through the night! Sometimes things work out whether we plan it or not.

It seems I'm having trouble posting my pictures, so I will try again later!

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Lesley said...

Way to go Dad! It seems to me we were just talking last weekend about how you never forget your pills...does that mean Old-Timer's is starting already? You still have 11 hours before you turn 50! That means you'll have a special blog tonight/tomorrow. Hopefully I find some good pictures of you.