Fly fishing in Jasper

One of Joe's early casts - looking good!
Still at it, trying to work the current.
The river we were fishing.
Yours truly trying not to get 'hooked' again!

Everyone could choose an activity for Saturday. There was horseback riding, nature walk, golf, white water rafting or fly fishing. We choose the fishing because we had never tried that. Our instructor liked to break it diown into things we could remember. Stab the sky, I love redheads and chop the chicken. These were aids for us to get our timing right so the line wouldn't tangle between the back cast and forward cast. After the initial class room work, we all moved outside for our dry runs without hooks! Good thing because some of my casts were ugly and Joe caught a tree! After our picnic lunch we were bussed down to the river. Between scouting out the location on Thursday/Friday and Saturday afternoon, the river rose and was running very quick. However armed with our new knowledge on how to read the water and see the textures, we all set with hooks and high hopes.
Over the next 2 hours, we tried streaming & dry casting as well as the wet flies. It was a good thing we were going to the gala dinner, because no one caught a thing! I did manage to win a fly rod, reel and case...not sure if it was because I caught myself with my own hook or if it was because I sleep with the guy who awarded the prizes! Either way, I'll be practicing at the local trout pond as soon as I get my local fishing licence and some wooly bullies!


Lesley said...

Sounds like a good weekend! Glad you had fun and sounds like you fit right in with your new all occasion little black dress and sexy heels!

Anne said...

Yes indeed, it sounds like a weekend that was filled with adventure. Glad you both had a great time.

Heather and Jeff (and baby Jonathan) said...

You two were looking good in your MWWH gear...ha ha ha...glad you had a fun trip...we had fun puppy-sitting for much fun we might not give her back...