Not to be left out

Today is Joe's turn in the tattoo chair. He has been talking, thinking and finally breathing this for a couple of years now. I don't really care for them personally but that is just me. If that's your thing, go for it but I prefer my artwork on the walls so I can change it at my every whim!
I hope that everything goes well for Joe...Lesley had her appointment changed 3 times...and when we stopped by the shop on the weekend to review the artwork...Andie wasn't there, she had called in sick. I think that may have meant she didn't have the artwork done. Good thing I took a couple of pictures of the initial sketch on Joe's arm before he cleaned it off. He has that with him just in case there are questions on what was discussed. There were 2 roses to represent Heather & Lesley, a couple of bugs for Joey & Alex and we were still discussing what TicTac's symbol would be. Joe was also going to get the old part re-coloured. I hope that today works out the way we want it to. After all, these things are permanent and they aren't exactly cheap.
Will post photos and comments once Joe is home with his new ink.

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