If you say you are going to call, Call!

If not, you may just get hot dogs for supper instead of roast beef. I felt bad but...what else could I have done?

The camper is quickly filling up...my shoes and clothes are packed but none of Joe's! I guess I should get on that, shouldn't I? As I think of stuff I put it by the front door, my mind is racing around in circles trying not to forget anything, but I will.

I settled Dad's accounts for the month of July this morning. That's one less major thing to worry about. Helen has our cell numbers, just in case. We are so lucky to have her! She has plans on tkaing Dad out to the Medicine Hat Stampede this weekend. Dad always took Mom there, and they would check out the animals in the barns and then Mom would wander over to the crafts and quilts and baking. She should have entered some of her stuff...she was a great cook. Although Joe would say the soup wasn't very good! That is an inside joke...for those who remember I hope it brings you a chuckle, the others...ask us about it sometime!

Well I have to check my mail...hope there aren't any more bills to cut into our holiday fun money! We'll be on the road again very early Friday morning...keep watching the blog, we'll try and update daily via wireless satelite.


Anne said...

Wow! Sounds like you have everything under control. Once you get on the road you can hopefully relax and just enjoy your vacation. See you soon.

New MrsIngram said...

Hey anything you forget I'm sure we'll have .. just relax, put your feet up and let Uncle Joe do the driving! See you soon!

Brenda said...

If you forget anything, remember, I am much closer than Monica on the map