Sorry for the lack of updates

Things have been a bit crazy at the house lately. With 7 people in the house all going in different directions, and scorching's been hard to find a few quiet moments to go online. Mount Washmore is a challenge to keep up to, not to mention going from cooking for 2 to 7...and some of them picky eaters!
Buffy started work the day after arrival and in true retail fashion, the other side was short staff due to no shows . The 2 girls have both worked the Dub before so got dratfed into service. That wasn't too bad while Ed was still on vacation but now he's back in NB, I was drafted to watch Cody. I had things to do yesterday so I wasn't in the best mood to have a minor charge underfoot all day. Hopefully the home hunting goes well tonight. Buffy's parents also moved out in late May and did the whole what's for rent routine so they have a wealth of contacts to share. Hopefully they find a nice place in time for school enrollment. The kids need their space. They will have more once we leave this weekend's end.
Happy news from Heather & makes it all the more real. We seen some cute outfits but didn't buy...wrong size for a winter baby! Soon, though we will go crazy! We'll order the nursery furniture after our holidays...give Jeff time to move his business office downstairs.
Joe got the final work done on his tattoo. I'm having trouble posting the pic...blogger not co-operating today. Will try again later...til then - stay cool!

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