Breaker breaker! You got your ears on?

This here is Broken Rubber...looks like we got ourselves a convoy!
Joe was so proud of himself for this photo idea. He was supposed to be concentrating on driving the Winnipeg ring road instead of giving me photo opportunities! The handle Broken Rubber is something he made up on the spot, it isn't his real CB name...I've forgotten what that was...and his call numbers. Oh well I'm sure I'll
catch him on the flip-flop!


Lesley said...

What a great shot! Is it going up in the bar? I think it's totally wall-worthy!

Joe & 'Berta said...

Well that is certainly going to go to someone's head FAST! The things your Dad does when he's supposed to be DRIVING! At least he doesn't brush his teeth as we go down the place to spit!

paul and cheryl said...

i think his handle was little animal,and call sign was MX671964.Don't know why i remember that,it just came to me.
Big Brother.

The Big Guy said...

Holy sh*t! Paul you are correct!