OK - Who is the most BLOGGER savvy reader?

Everything I learned about this whole blogging thing, I got from Lesley over the phone! The rest was hit and miss or just trying to do something different on my own. Some of it has been mildly successful...I was pleased ...but no one ever commented on slight changes in my blog's appearance. Some were disasters that were never published...you know that "CLEAR EDITS" button on the bottom of the template page...just after the DO NOT MODIFY notification...yeah, I tried more than once!

When I have a few minutes, I often click to the next blog and see how they have their set up and BOY am I missing something! I realize that a lot of those blogs have probably been professionally set up for a buck or 2, but I'm sure there's something that can jazz up my site without the exchange of monetary funds.

Also...what are all those extras called? I wouldn't have a clue what a blinkie, tag or blogroll was if it hit me over the head. I need a blog 101 course...that's free of course. Am I alone in this boat or are there others who would like to drift aimlessly up the blogging waters?!


Lesley said...

I've kind of learned things through the hit and miss process too. It took me months to figure out the whole picture thing and it turned out to be a super easy thing to do...if you're interested I have a nice one of you in your thong!

Brenda said...

I wont even have a blog if it wanst for candice. I know how to log on a post a message, leave a comment and now post a picture. thats it. so no update until she get home.

Jen said...

I'd love to learn how to do more stuff and jazz things up. Hell, how long did it take me to figure out how to change the font color? I guess when it just comes down to it, I've got more important things to waste my time on right now.