Tuesday Observations

1. Even with staggered school re-openings, Walm*rt was a zoo yesterday! But, I have to give the cashiers credit...the one who served me was very pleasant.

2. You can tell it's shortly before pay day when someone returns $10.60 worth of Kleenex!

3. Some Dad's are so ingenious - putting a huge cardboard sign on the trunk of the car that screams STUDENT DRIVER...I'm not sure the young lady knew it was there.

That brings me to today's point to ponder...when I throw out my broken kitchen trash can...do I put the whole thing in a trash bag or do you think the garbage dude will know the can itself is garbage? Will let you know what happens tomorrow after our scheduled pick-up.

1 comment:

Mom2fur said...

LOL, I've always wondered that about trash cans, too! We usually just try to smash it and put it in a bigger can.