Don't get excited but

This is what the greenhouse is supposed to look like when it's all done. We aren't even close to that stage. Today we had to source out the lumber for the foundation...needed 4 x 6's as well as 2 x 12's. This is heavy stuff! We got it loaded on the truck, made the 50 minute drive home. Had lunch then started to cut and build the base. It shouldn't have been that difficult. The good news, we cut it too long not too short! Add our miscalculation to the fact that we bought and paid for 12' lengths and got 16's! No wonder things didn't look right. Sunday we hope to get everything screwed together,squared and leveled & in the final location. After that...dealing with the sod, landscape fabric and 24 cubic feet of pea gravel....more sore muscles! Once all that's done, then the real fun begins - the structure itself. Stay tuned!


Brenda said...

Nice Greenhouse, where did you find the plans, I might want to take on such a project next year. I certainly have the room in the back yard. What exactly do you plan on growing in the Greenhouse.

Alberta said...

Although some of my more progressive neighbours think I should fill in the blank....I'm hoping to get a huge head start on our veggies and flowers. The first year will be experimental due to the learning curve I'll be going through. I', sure there will be disappointments, like frying stuff in the July sun....but I know I'm going to love whatever happens. A day playing with my plants has to be better than any day at work! Well unless it's payday!