Water babies!

Our grandkids continue to amaze us. Last year Alex was very timid in the water, especially after Papa accidently sprayed him while doing something technical with the tub filter. This year, he's in there splashing around and even causally shakes off the occassional dunking from big brother.

Joseph has always liked the water, even when he first got into the hot tub in his little floatable boat. This past summer, look out everyone...I need lots of room.
He took the entry level swimming class where they get used to the water and blow some bubbles. Well, Joseph has gone beyond that with the aid of a swim mask!
Joe may have opened a can of worms by asking the boys if Papa needs a bigger pool! Joe, we need to talk!


Lesley said...

I think Papa definitely had a hand in creating this water baby!
Can you see how I'd be quietly freaking out? Wondering how many seconds can Joseph hold his breath? When do I grab him? Is he okay?
We talked to our neighbours about their big pool they had up this summer and they said it was definitely worth it although as long as I've got the dayhome it's a huge liability. So, maybe we'll have to go the hot tub route so we can padlock the cover.
For now the public pool will have to do!

Heather and Jeff (and baby Jonathan) said...

if Papa is getting a "bigger pool" I will gladly take the little one off his hands....teehee...maybe Jonathan can be a waterbaby too...