Wanted: Doors & Floor

We made the right choice of stopping Sunday when we did. After Joe got home from work and changed into work clothes, we set about lifting the roof unto the side walls that I had put up during the day. The roof was as heavy as I thought but a whole lot more awkward! We had to lift it above our shoulders and lower it onto 11 posts that still had quite a bit of wiggle room. I thought I would drop my side at one point but then, everything just nestled in the way you would want it to. With only ~ 2 hours of light we didn't get the doors hung. Tonight's job. After that, we just need to do the floor and carry the shelves in.
I must say, we are very impressed with this unit. It included 2 roof vents with automatic temperature guided openers and a back wall louver vent window. Everything short of a heater....which I already have as well as a propagation mat. Thanks Joe for the wonderful gift of gardening! Let's get growing - but I will have to wait until spring. In the meantime, I have lots of reading about ventilation, humidity and pest control.


Alberta said...

I should explain the stickers still on the glazing panels. They indicate which side has to face out plus I'm using them as a marker so I know which panel has had the rubber gasket installed. Once I do that, I remove the sticker. Works for me!

Jen said...

AWWWWEEEEE, I'm so jealous! What fun you are going to have!