Happy Day!

As Joseph ( the 4 yr old version) would say - 'Happy Day!'

Eric Clapton is coming to Edmon-chuck in March! Now to dig out my seating chart and plan our next concert!


Anonymous said...

There is definitely something to be said about having good seats, we seen Nickelback from the rafters and didn't enjoy it half as much as row 13. It's nice to have connections although we're not as connected as Henry of course, it's not like Kathryn and I will be able to meet Christina and have our pic taken with her.

Alberta said...

Lesley, you can never tell what may happen at a concert...so wear something sexy and flash your pearlies!

Heather and Jeff (and baby Jonathan) said...

Les...dont forget to practice your stripper moves...maybe Xtina needs another backup dancer!!!