A little too much?

I got used to working off a clipboard at my last job. I had a lot of papers pending etc and had to be on top of everything. The office was a shared space with Dale-owner & site operator, Buffy-food manager and me, assistant manager/purchaser. Needless to say, because I spent most of my time out of the office, I had the smallest bit of real estate - a clipboard! I had my time on the computer, ordering, inputting inventory etc...but between telephone calls, meeting with salespeople, delivery drivers, receiving goods and keeping my stock room in order...I was nowhere close to a desk. And the clipboard became my best tool. My second best was 2 dry erase calendars.

Anyways, I digressed there! I seen this idea for altering AKA decorating, a clipboard.
I book marked it for reference in 2007, when money is tight and time is long. Let me know what you think!

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