Moose & money!

Ahhh...I have your full attention now, don't I?!

The hunt is done, too much snow in the woods - waist high already, so the guys stopped after the 1 bull moose. Hopefully someone will post some photos...I heard the snout went up the Joe's chest. I wonder...was he laying down beside this snout?

Now I'm researching investments for Dad. I have been in cruise control mode for about 3 years...but now EVERYTHING is due and I have to make some wise decisions. I'm not happy with the rate of the returns BUT it could be worse...I could have had all his money tied up in income trusts. We all know how that bottomed out! How did I manage to avoid that pitfall and the Nortel pit is beyond me. Wish me luck....

SNIFF SNIFF...too bad BC decided to play today :(

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