Alli got me thinking

She blogged about not accomplishing anything on a particular day. I just read a business article about the difference between a productive day & a busy day.

There really is a difference. We can all fill our day with busy work, you know, cleaning, cooking, just puttering around the house/work.

But let's face it people, if the phone rings and your Mother-in-law says she'll be dropping over after lunch for a little visit...You can get your motor running and do what is necessary to get the house presentable. A quick dusting, vacuuming and a quick wipe of the bathrooms,put out clean towels, open a few windows, then head into the kitchen, clear away dirty dishes, wipe down the counters and maybe get the tea things ready to go. What would this take if you were really motivated? An hour?

Let's switch into the work world. I can remember Heather working at the Officer's Mess with Lori...And both girls were the darlings of the whole staff because they were always busy! Busy was the word...They knew if they didn't look busy, someone would find them another task...Peeling 100 lbs of potatoes or cleaning the sliver candelabra covered in wax drips. So they would always be walking around, wiping something down, putting something away. You get the picture.

So with all this fresh in my mind, I am going to aim to have a productive day, not just a busy one! Thanks Alli!
Busy or productive? Both! I have dusted & vac'd the whole house, cleaned both bathrooms, aired the house, planned supper, updated blog and checked email, done a load of laundry, wrapped presents and parcelled up 2 boxes for the mail. I am now on my way to the Post Office, bank & library, with a quick stop at the hardware & grocery stores. I should be home for lunch @ noon! Ya can't complain about that!

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Anonymous said...

Your Welcome. I hope it is a Quite productive day for you. Alli