Heather's Baby Shower highlights

Auntie Heather needed a helpful hand opening all those presents! This was good practice just before Christmas! Joseph was only too willing to jump right in!

Alex hard at work to get the box open and reveal some lovely outfits for baby Jonathan.

Lesley posing with Mommy to be and the practice baby! It was about the right size!

The most decadent chocolate cake from Auntie Pam that you will ever want to eat! January is a new month/year...excerise and better food choices can wait until then!

Mommy to be and the gracious Hostess - AKA Heather & Lesley!


Jen said...

So glad to see you guys having so much fun! Wish I could be there. Love the pics!

Anonymous said...

Heather looks great with that "expectant mothers glow"! Glad the shower went well and thank goodness for little helping hands with all those gifts!