I'm running away from home!

After many days of icy roads etc, I'm off to the Valley Saturday. Joe is even going to drive me. I ventured out in my front wheel drive yesterday and the highways were awful. Cars & trucks flying off into the ditch and 1 flipped over in the centre median. Scary...so I just putt-putted along and got home safe and sound. I woudn't want to have to white knuckle it all the way south though!
I'm trying to remember all the stuff to take with me - baby stuff, painting clothes, digital camera in case Heather has the baby early, Christmas gifts, cookie exchange goodies, Aaron's share of the moose, a book to read, maybe a craft project, food, leash and bed for Cody,clothes for all kinds of weather...oh and 4 steaks for Saturday.
While Heather is working, we are going to stop in and see some of Lucie's home renovations. She's got a ton of projects underway including a future one that I think I did...my kitchen island! We are going to do a quick BBQ and have a pre Christmas visit before everyone heads out in different directions.
I may or may not have house guests while I'm gone, so I've freshened up the guest rooms. I'll try and figure out Joe's work clothes for the week but I think he may have to figure out his own lunches/suppers. By the time he gets home, he doesn't have the time or energy to do laundry!
I will leave a huge note on the frig to feed Chow and clean her kitty box. She does have standards you know! I may even leave Joe the mailbox key...he can pay the bills! On second thought, maybe not!

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