Love & Hate

I love Christmas - carols, baking, smiling faces, kids sitting on Santa's lap, people's generosity.

I hate New Year's -resolutions, expectations, loud obnoxious drunks, slobbery kisses.

I think December 19 is as good a time as any to announce my intention to walk outside for 30 minutes every day for a whole year! Maybe more.

I miss my walking. I can talk myself out of it very easily...too hot, too cold, too tired, too LAZY!, sidewalks are icy, Oprah is on know the routine!

Walking gives me a chance to reflect & put my life into perspective, relax,check out my community. It keeps my back strong which I need and I sleep more soundly, which is a big challenge these days.

We first make our habits and then our habits make us. ~ John Dryden~

I'm going to make a new habit and see what unfolds. Do you want to join me?

ps - I had 1 really outstanding New Year's Eve...Joe asked me to marry him!

pps - Lesley, you must be really excited...lots of comment posts! :)


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Just wait until I post Dad's Happy New Year's pic from about 8 years all fairness I'll post the party girl's too!

Anonymous said...

Hey Auntie Berta,
I'll join you onm the new habbit challange! I too miss getting more out door activity these days. I walk to work every day, but that is not really " enjoyment" walking, its more " Yikes! I better hurry or I'll have to stop at the CPR tracks and waite for a train to cross!" *L*.

Alberta said...

Krista, I look forward to your walking updates. I think my biggest challenge will be continuing this through the holidays, but I will give it an honest try!