You can't plan good luck or can you?

The only ones crazier than me are the ones who leave their gift shopping until the last minute! I almost ran out of TP today!!!!! Anything less than 4 rolls in the house is a crisis waiting to happen.
So I trudged on down to there early so I could get parking within visual site of the front doors! The last time I went was post lunch and I almost had to park at Save-On Foods, 2 parking lots away!
Today I was pleasantly surprised, the aisles were fairly clear of shoppers and worker bees re-stocking shelves. I zipped in, got my TP,more pet food, & milk for next week. Got to a checkout, 2nd in line...everyone was calm, in a good couldn't have gone smoother if it was late January! Little did I know that the REAL line up was at the car wash!!!! Oh well, I had some nice tunes on the radio to listen to while I waited!
I do believe that this was better luck than management! But remember the old adage...
The harder you work, the luckier you get!

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bren said...

Oh my you are brave... wallyworld in december. I detest that store at the best of times lol. I too made the car wash mistake, but with all my highway trips to Ians place my silver girl was black. Yeah for good tunes!
Merry Christmas!