Hi Matt!

Thanks for the blog comment. I must however disagree with you...you may have been Matt the Brat in your younger years...but now you are most definitely...Matt the Man!

In my youth I enjoyed being around my parents and bringing my friends to the house. That was important to me and it paid off in spades. Now, with more years under my belt, I really enjoy spending time with our kids & their friends. Some of Lesley's day home kids even call me Nannie when I visit. I can always count on a big hug from Danny & a smile from Zeke!

This brings me to the point in a round about way...it's so nice to get re-acquainted with our nieces & nephews as adults, to see how they have developed into fine caring people with dreams of their own! A loving family is everything even when miles apart!

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Anonymous said...

I agree family is everthing even when a few thousand miles apart.