Love is in the air! Birthdays too!

Happy Birthday to Paul & Matt...hope you each spend it with someone special in your life!

Joe is busy with work and I'm still recovering from the stomach flu so we will have a quiet evening, perhaps throw a few darts...Joe is up 1 game on me...yes we keep a running total as well as our tons! We do have plans for a movie date sometime next week...Joe loves no neck as he likes to call Sam Ghost Rider it will be. Hope everyone has a great day - spend some time with those important to you!

PS - Make your own candy heart!


Alberta said...

Joe is such a sweetie! I caved with the basic tv line up before he I get to watch the Tournament of Hearts! Thanks Dear!

AND...Joe gets his space channel back! Love is in the air...

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much, and I hope you had a happy valentines day too.
I had to work until 6am on the 14th, but Megan was awake when I got home and we spent the rest of the day together. That and answering the phone, I swear everyone and their dog called me that day, it was great!
Matt the Brat