Difficult days ahead

I thought I was all together...Freecycled Chow's travel tote and dishes to a nice lady and her new 3 yr old dog Roxie...who is smaller than Chow was!

I get home, the mail box is fixed, I have mail, including a sympathy card from the vet and staff.

Later our neighbour tells me her dog Kizmit has just been confirmed to have an aggressive form of cancer on her hind leg...flashback to Lady...Joanne is just devastated and I have to be quiet about our loss. Surgery is set for Tuesday, I will try and be a good friend and stay positive. Things happen for a reason...I'll be keeping Cody close by today.

On a brighter topic...our weather certainly feels like spring. I was scooping as fast as I could and scraped that last corner of the deck clear. We still have snow 4 feet deep all over the yard, but maybe I'll get the picnic table moved over before Joseph & Alex visit next week. It would be nice to sit and blow bubbles! I was in the greenhouse, didn't take the temperature but the ground is not frozen, in fact it's quite warm! I may be hauling in some gravel this weekend!

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