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#62 - tote bags not plastic ones
This seems to be coming to the front of the line in a lot of communities. One town in Manitoba has banned those pesky shopping bags which end up clogging the landfills or worse, blowing in the breeze utnil they get wrapped around a fence post or tree. They are a nuisance.

Granted, I've used my fair share. Mostly with pet cleanups...one every day outside for Cody's cleanup and up until recently, 1 inside for Chow's box. So the number of bags into our home stayed constant with their one more time use.

But now, they are quickly ganging up on me. I have 2 bags stashers that were starting to overflow. My solution...take my totes & crates with me when I go shopping. I usually pick up my fresh fruit & veg at least once a week, after I drop off my paper recyclables. I then have 2 crates available for shopping. I always use the thin little veggies bags, so why would I need another larger bag just to carry the stuff into the house? Didn't make sense.

This morning I was asked to take the IKEA survey about their blue bags you can buy for $1 each. We picked up a couple a few years back when we got back into camping. They make awesome dirty laundry totes...fold up to nothing space wise, yet hold a lot. I have 1 for darks,1 for lights - everything's pre-sorted, I just dump into the washers @ the laundromat. I am thinking of grabbing a few more for around the house.

I picked up another garden pop up tote(my last one is starting to wear through on the bottom...but I think I can get another season with some d*ct tape. It flattens down to nothing when not needed but pops open to hold a lot. I use to the hold my grass clippings, rakings etc. Most goes into our composter, but the excess gets dumped at the town's compost pile. I can lift the whole tote into the back of the car, drive over to the heap, turn it out and the whole thing is done,no fuss, no muss. Every garage day during the fine months, I see countless number of bags of grass clippings put out for regular trash pick up. What a waste, although it may help speed up the decomposition at the landfill. But those bags holding the clippings will be with us for such a loooong time. Help our planet, but saying no thanks to a bag whenever you can.

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Anonymous said...

I know what you eman about those plastic bags...I usually bring a bag full of them each time I go shopping so they can be reused, and after a few trips to and from the grocery store they end up lining my trash cans at home.