What am I going to do with you Joe?

Joe is somewhat gullible when it comes to sales people etc. He somehow got committed to a 'demonstration' of some wonder medical type air filtering system. I knew that someone was coming over last night around 8:30 - when I'm usually in my pj's - but Joe wasn't too sure what it was all about.

Well it was a sales pitch. We stopped it right at the door...I wasn't interested in spending money...not with Joe's taxes due! Anyways, the woman and Joe got talking...then out came a French word, then anther, then Mirimichi etc...end result...this woman is a friend of Magela - sorry if that's spelled wrong - Doiron...Lorenzo's baby sister! We knew she was living in St Albert, but our paths hadn't crossed....long story short...we gave our email address and now we wait. This may be the start of another Hello Cousin story!

6 degrees of separation at it's best! Agree or no? You decide.

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