Almost ready to go!

After all that work yesterday and sweet talking Joe into mowing the back yard, I think I may be able to relax this weekend. My biggest concern was my plants...but I think they are going to be OK. I moved everything out of the greenhouse...they should be hardened off enough for their planting next week. Joanne is going to be a dear and throw some water on them over the weekend.

Thanks everyone for the well wishes to be passed along to Dad. I'm looking forward to this. We may even have him over to the camper for a ham dinner on Saturday. I think the others will join us on Friday evenng for the official cake cutting!

Now I just hope the mosquitos aren't as bad and that the badlands aren't as hot as I know they can get! I'm still weaning myself out of long pants & shirt sleeves. Yup - those pasty white legs belong to yours truly! Hopefully they aren't beet red with sunburn come Monday either!!!! is there a safe middle ground? Now, did I pack that SPF 30????

Bye for now

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