A bit of this & that

Cheryl, I love your comment about life being full of wonders before our very eyes. I do believe that the guys would see those men from a totally different view point!

We are attempting to change our view point - on many levels. Nutrition wise, we are going back to basics and eating to live not live to eat. A celebration is nice but not every day of the week! I'll still do a special birthday dinner for Joe. He wouldn't like it if I cut things out just before his big day!

I'm working on getting more physically active every day on purpose. I'll call this "Go Me". That
s not my saying, I borrowed it...if you know where, drop me a line/comment! I have challenged Joe to a 30 day get real project. The winner will be getting something very nice! Lesley knows about these challenges, we did 3. I bought Les a swimsuit, she got my special undies and the book one was a draw. Not sure if I can do a separate one with Heather, I'll think about it and we'll talk.

Financially we are going to go back to weekly allowances and paying for everything with cash...no debit cards! The real challenge is grocery shopping, especially when Joe comes along. He can look at a huge chunk of meat and cut it down into many great meals at little cost. We tried this for about a month late winter and it worked very well. We may have trouble over the summer with holidays, and company but we'll give it an honest go. The reason behind this is to become more aware of where our hard money is going. Retirement is in the offing and we can't depend on anyone but ourselves.

For a fun challenge - cuz all work and no play is not good for a relationship, we are trying out the idea of weekly cheap dates - keep everything under $20 total for dinner and some sort of entertainment. We'll take turns planning this. Last night was Joe's debut - Scrabble, cold cuts, cheese, baguette and homemade salsa. I see some picnics & dart nights in our future!

Does anyone read/understand those little pointers about GTD etc? If not, let me know and I'll stop including them. I just find the concept exciting and life changing. It's hard to ignore something when 2 minutes of effort will address the problem and I can clear that from my next action list and move more towards 'mind like water'.

Hope everyone has a great Sunday! Looking forward to photos from Les & gang from the weekend of painting!


Lesley said...

What's GTD mean again? Ha ha ... gotcha !!!

Cheap dates is an awesome idea - Aaron and I seem to spend lots of cash on date night...and it seems half the time our date nights are with friends and not each other...may have to re-think that or plan double dates...

Alberta ('Berta) said...

It's nice to spend the extra on a very special occassion but let's face it...when we were dating and fairly poor, we could alsways find something fun to do...and not always THAT!!!!

Anonymous said...

Eddie and I really enjoy the cheap dates as well.. We'll go mini golfing with is under $20 and lots of great fun..