Boys will be boys no matter what!

You know the saying...You can't keep a good man down...well here's proof!

We stopped in to see for ourselves that both boys still had both arms, 1 good, 1 not so good. They each coped in a different way, one quiet and shy, the other ready for a wrestling match. After a quick fuss, and an ice cream drumstick bribery to heal quickly, we turn our attention to Mommy who had been stressed just a bit. And then it started...Thing 1 said those infamous words..."the claw" and it was game on. Joe used to play with the girls with his claw hand and they would run about squealing in mock terror. Well these boys play it a bit differently but same effect! It was a happy sight, seeing them forget about their injuries and just being a kid again!

Hopefully everyone gets back into a comfortable routine and Mommy & Daddy get so well deserved rest. Parenting can be so hard, but so worthwhile!

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Lesley said...

We're almost back to normal although I did have Alex on pretty tight reins today. I'm sure he thought I was punishing him by being so strict but his cast was still partially open - it's closed now so I'll be a little more lenient tomorrow.