Pass the cake please!

Seems we are approaching another busy birthday cluster. So with all the fanfare I can manage this morning HAPPY BIRTHDAY to

Aaron's Grandma Tarr - who celebrates June 28
Jeremy - who turns 21 on June 29
Phoenix - who turns 1 on July 1
Brenda H - who is a year prettier on July 1
Brenda A - who is a year prettier on July 2
David - who is a year smarter on July 4

I do know how old everyone is but after a certain point, does it matter? No, unless it's a milestone like the big 5-0! I hope everyone has a great day.

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bren said...

I'm ok until next year with the Big 5-0.
I'll expect major fanfare then!
Had lots of catching up to do at the Salmon House... Lovely Banff pictures!